• Tunneling technology

    Hi based on these lines , if tunnel meaning any L3 network over / or on top of another any L3 network ,  can we say ping is consider A tunneling ? ping using icmp (icmp is L3 protocol ) and it`s on top of L3 ...
    created by Mohamed
  • NX3K - SoC - Asic port allocation / design query?

    Hi all..   Apologies I know this not technically the correct channel for this but I am struggling to get answers via various channels.   I am looking to understand what the port to SoC design is for the Ne...
    created by Neil
  • 6PE Issue

    Dears,   I am doing 6PE LAB and based on the Cisco documentation my configuration should be working perfectly but still the CEs can't reach each others network.   Here is my scenario and looking forward to...
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  • EVE Problem !

    Dear Friends !   i am using EVE but most of the time when i want to run topology it shows (Failed to Start Node (12)
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  • Using BGP to connect two sites over Internet

    Hi everyone   I have scenario where I want two sites communicate via BGP over Internet. Assume R2 and R3 are ISP router and I don't have any control over these routers. R1 and R4 are routers located at Branc...
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  • 4507 R-e Sup 6 routing

    Good Afternoon, Working on a lab and trying to get routing between Vlan1 ( and Vlan2 (   Right now I can ping the GW from either subnet   But I cant route traffic out of the v...
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  • IP fragmentation and TCP Sequencing

    When we I download a big file from the Internet, the file is broken down into many TCP segments with sequence numbers. The TCP segments are encapsulated into IP packets, which are usually 1500 bytes each. By keeping...
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  • Cisco ASA 5505: USB Ports

    Hi guys,     I am trying to discover how to update the firmware of a Cisco ASA 5505 from a USB drive.   It has 1 usb port at the front and 2 usb ports at the back side. However, none of them seems to ...
    Fabio de O. Silva
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  • BRKIPM-3010  Which Routing Protocol? - IPv4 and IPv6 Perspective

    Hi guys, I am starting my journey to become CCDE and I have been recommended several times to look for the Cisco Live session above.  Anyone knows where I can find the video?  It is not on the on-demand Cisc...
    created by Marijo
  • Any ideas on where I can get an internship or any experience?

    Hey guys!   I'm working on studying for my CCENT by going through the ICND1 prep here on Cisco's site. I was wondering how I can get my feet wet with some experience other than purchasing some equipment for my o...
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  • Wireless Security Members IDs ..Flash Cards

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  • Study Group for CCENT/CCNA

    I am looking for people who are younger and just starting in the CCENT/CCNA field like myself. I have been doing some IT work for a 16 months, but I want to take myself to the next level.   Who would be up for j...
    Ryan Fisher
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  • CCNP R&S Exam Preparation - Process, Tips and advices

    Dear All I finished CCNA R&S recently. I would like to continue the CCNP R&S now. I prepared the CCNA with a ciscopress book. To prepare for the CCNP, I would like to use the deeper learning tools fro...
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  • Passed CCIE R&S lab. CCIE #57406.

    Hello Community,   I wanted to share with you that I passed the CCIE R&S lab and became CCIE #57406. It has been a long journey; this community has provided me a platform to learn and share knowledge, so you...
    Elvin Arias
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  • Failed to update grains: Command '['sudo', 'vinstall', 'salt']' returned non-zero exit status 1

    Hi Cisco support,   I have the following issue with my VIRL 1.2.83 installation. since a few weeks I am getting the following error:   Failed to collect current salt contact status: Cisco contact was not e...
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  • Sin ping zona outside  (cisco ASA)

    Buenas Gente :                         Primero que nada les quería comentar un poco estoy usando el...
    created by Pablo
  • Which are the important topics for SECOPS ?

    I am planning to write SECOPS by the end of february.. Can any one tell me what all are the important topics that came for the exam.. As well as resoursed used other than online material. Thanks in Advance
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  • CCNA Security home lab requirements?

    I'm going straight to the security track after finishing CCNA R&S and I was wondering what equipment would be required to gain experience with all the topics covered in the CCNA Security exam?   I'd like re...
    Robert M.
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  • Dificulta con NAT y ACLs

    Saludos,   Tengo una situación desde hace dos días y no logro solucionarla de manera eficaz. El problema es el siguiente:   La idea es permitir el acceso a INTERNET con implementación...
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  • Dificulta con NAT y ACLs

    Saludos,   Tengo una situación desde hace dos días y no logro solucionarla de manera eficaz. El problema es el siguiente:   La idea es permitir el acceso a INTERNET con implementación&...
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