• Please, help me i am a newbie who is studying for ccna. I wanted to implement DHCP on the network below.

    I have configure ospf on three routers connected in series. One router named RTSA_CHP has an interface configured as a dhcp server, the next router(router2) interface  s0/0/0 is configured as a relay using the ip...
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  • Can i pass without the Cisco course?

    Hey all,   I was going to spend a few months over the summer covering the Cyber Ops course, i can find very little online training that looks any good, Udemy courses all look really basic or have questionable me...
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  • RSVP

    it seems interesting to me that this lab configured RSVP using only the ip rsvp sender-host command on both the source and destination...     ip rsvp sender-host UDP 11110 11111 7 3 &nbs...
    Doug Kenline
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  • CCNP Certified!

    Thanks to all who contribute on CLN and makes this an excellent learning environment. A few notes to those currently studying. Let the tickets be the easy part of the exam. Build the topology from scratch and make you...
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  • Network Troubleshooting

    Hi,   As I am not troubleshooter but I am willing to as well as interview asked me question about troubleshooting.so i have question like this.   Q On Network devices like router and switch how to know throu...
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  • CCNA Passed and advise on CCNP

    Hi all,   i wanna thank the community that helped me with my CCNA RS study. i can't thank enough for you guys. i'm thinking whether i should go continue with ccnp because i'm doing vmware stuff and some automati...
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  • IEEE 802.1Q protocol functions

    As I understand, the function of this protocol is to tag vlan frames. And  PVST+ makes use of this protocol by tagging  BPDUs with their appropriate VLANs. So with this reason, could we say that 802.1Q proto...
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  • Cisco Cyber Ops Scholarship program: Region Question

    Hello All,   While updating my student record as required, I am not sure the correct answer to the region question.   I want to be 100% sure of the right answer, options are Americas, EMEAR, and APJ as sho...
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  • ACL Assistance Requested

    Hey all,   So I am working on an ASA for a friend of mine who owns a bicycle shop. He has a security system that he would like to look at the cameras when he is away from the store.   Obviously something i...
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  • Has DHCP process changed since 2010?

    DCHP server sends DHCP Offer and DHCP acknowledgement in unicast. I'm sure that's correct. But the following two Youtube video from 2009/2010 show DHCP Offer and DHCP acknowledgement are captured with the broadcast ad...
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  • Using VIRL as a study tool (PSA)

    If at first you don't succeed, reload-reload-reload! (talking about the device and not the VIRL VM or PC).  Assuming that the feature you're having trouble with is supported, nine times out of ten this seems to b...
    Steven Davidson
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  • set ip next-hop verify-availability

        Traffic from R1 is not forwarded to R2 as per routing policy agreement. The agreement was that, if R2 is reachable from R1, R1 must forward traffic to R2.   Do not use object tracking for th...
    Doug Kenline
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  • My experience with CCIE LAB centers, yes they are not same !

    Hello all,     I am writing this topic for two purposes,   1- Giving you my experience with cisco LAB centers so people choose best options during their CCIE journey   2- Asking about any other ...
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  • command for allocating bandwidth for an internet link on a router

    Good day all, I understand that the bandwidth command in a serial link is used by routing protocols like eigrp and ospf to determine the bestpath to a remote network. I would like to know the command that is used ...
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  • CCNP R&S certified, I got it!!!

    Thanks to God, I got the CCNP R&S certificate. I studied for 1 year or more aproximately and I didn't have much money for the exams, but finally I could pass the three exams: ROUTE|SWITCH and today TSHOOT   E...
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  • VIRL performance is very sluggish , how to optimize it ?

    One of my customer decided to install VIRL in a VM like this: ESX host -> Win8 WM -> VMware Workstation running the VIRL image. The Win8 WM has 12 G RAM and 8 vCPU. Unfortunately the simulations take ages to l...
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  • VTP pruning curiosity

    Based on how pruning is communicated between switches, it seems odd to me that this was never designed to include the full range of VLANs.  I get why it wasn't implemented in VTP v1 (extended VLANs didn't exist a...
    Steven Davidson
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  • EIGRP route not in topology table

    Hi everyone, studying for my NP i've been scratching my head for a couples of days now... I have trouble understanding a behavior with EIGRP in my lab in GNS3   here's the topology: NOTE: I have changed th...
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  • Moved to new house.  First time starting VIRL simulations, JAVA error

      Error launching simulation.   java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: connect     I log into VIRL through my Fortinet VPN to home.   I did change my WAN configuration. ...
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  • How to know ip location

    Hi,   Can anyone tell me how to know location of ip over worldwide like in which country and in which device it is configured w/o using any tool but mentioned ip is in network ..     Thanks, /Pradyumna
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